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Flat (trays of 4 dozen):  $20.00

Dozen: $5.10

1/2 Dozen:  $2.60




3 1/2" Pots:  $3.35

4 1/2" Pots:  $4.25

5 1/2" Square Pots:  $6.00

Geraniums (4 1/2" Pot):  $3.75

Gallon Pots:  $6.00 + up



Baskets:             All 10 inch baskets (3 wire white) are $19.50

                            White 12 inch baskets (4 wire) starting at $26.50 (Confetti Garden and Trixi combination baskets are $29.50)

                            We also have many fancy baskets which are marked with their price


Hanging Bags:    Begonia and Impatien bags are $19.00

                            Geranium & Wave Petunia bags are $23.00

Baskets are found in all greenhouses and in the front sales area. Chenier's Greenhouse is known for high quality hanging baskets. These baskets will have much healthier and heartier plants in them than what you will find at most other greenhouses and mass merchants that also sell flowers. Annuals are found in all of the greenhouses and the front sales area (map).

Planters: Chenier's has many varieties of unique planters in the front sales area starting at $10.00.


Below is a list of many of the kinds of annuals we sell. Several varieties on the list are available in many different colors. There may also be some annuals in stock that are not on this list as we add new varieties all the time.

We are proud to carry several varieties of Proven Winners


Ageratum Elephant Ear Popcorn Plant
Alyssum Ferns Portulaca (Moss Rose)
Angel Wing Begonia

Flowering Kale

Agelonia Gaura Sanvatalia
Assorted Grasses Gazania Scaevola (Fan Flower)
Aster Geranium Snap Dragon
Bacopa German Ivy Spikes
Bidens Heliotrope


Bonfire Begonia Lantana Strawflower
Calla Lily Lobelia Succulents
Candy Corn Plant Lotus Vine Sunpatiens
Celosia Marigolds Supertunia
Cleome Martha Washington Geranium Sweet Potato Vine
Coleus Millet Tall Fuchsia
Cosmos Million Bells Tarenia
Dahlia Morning Glory Thunbergia
Daisy Mosquito Plant Tropical Cannas
Datura Nasturtium Upright Fuchsia
Diamond Frost Nemesia Verbena
Dianthus (Sweet William) New Guinea Impatiens Vinca Vine
Diascia Non-Stop Begonia Viola
Double Impatiens Pansy Wave Petunia
Dragon Wing Begonia Petunia Wax Begonia
Dusty Miller Phlox Zinnia




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Vinca Vine