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 Trees and Shrubs







Tree and shrub prices start at $14.95 and go up depending on the variety and size. Please stop in and look at our large selection of trees.

Fruit Trees:  $32.95 and up

Landscaping Trees:  $52.95 and up

Flowering Crabs:  $45.95 - $48.95

Shrubs:  $14.95 and up

Trees and shrubs are found outside in front of greenhouses #3 and #4 (map). Please ask an employee for assistance finding what you need and for help getting trees and shrubs to your vehicle.



Connell Red Apple 

Concord Seedless Grape

Gladiator Crab

Cortland Apple 

Marquette Grape

Purple Prince Crab

Haralred Apple 

 Sommerset Seedless Grape

Profusion Crab - red

Honeycrisp Apple

Contender Peach

Raindrop Crab

McIntosh Apple 

Asian Pear

Hydrangea Endless Summer

Northwest Greening Apple 

Bartlett Pear 

Hydrangea Endless Summer Bloomstruck

Prairie Spy Apple

Bosc Pear 

Hydrangea Endless Summer Blushing Bride

Red Baron Apple

Luscious Pear

Hydrangea Endless Summer Twist and Shout

Royal Gala Apple 

Parker Pear 

Hydrangea 1st Edition Strawberry

Wolf River Apple 

Mount Royal Plum

Hydrangea Vanilla Strawberry

Yellow Transparent Apple

Stanley Prune Plum

Autumn Blaze Maple
Zestar! Apple

Superior Plum 

Royal Red Maple
Thornless Blackberry

Toka Plum

Variegated Maple
Superior Blueberry 

Boyne Raspberry 

Potentella Dakota Sunspot Gold

Montmorency Cherry

Heritage Raspberry

June Strawberry
Northstar Cherry

Chipmans Canada Red Rhubarb

Everbearing Strawberry
Stella Cherry

European Mountain Ash

Glow Girl Spiraea

Canadice Grape 

Compact Burning Bush

Viking Root Asparagus (3 year crown)


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